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How Giving Back Provides You with Happiness

It’s no secret that volunteering your time or donating financially to a cause that is important to you can make you feel good. As human beings we have the innate need to contribute to those around us - whether it be lending a hand to someone in need, listening to a friend or spouse who is going through a hard time or volunteering for an organization that means something to us. 

One of the secrets to a fulfilled life is creating meaning. How can we create a meaningful and purposeful life? It’s all about how you fill your time. One of the critical components to happiness is bettering the lives of those around you. Meaning usually doesn’t come from what you get, it comes from what you give

Research shows there are many components to physical and mental health:

  • Exercise

  • Nutrition

  • Strong relationships

  • Experiences

  • A sense of accomplishment

  • Giving back

Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to be wealthy or have an abundance of free time to do good for others. No matter what resources you have you can find a way to help others. Contribution is a mindset that enables us to devote part of our lives to helping others. 

When you make time for others you will find a personal sense of joy and fulfillment through your contributions.

At Fitness 120 we value giving back to the community. This month, with the help of our members, we are giving back to breast cancer awareness research. Come in and make a monetary donation and receive a prize. We are also sponsoring the 19th Annual Care4 Breast Cancer Run/Walk 5K on Sunday October 20 at Woodstock North High School on 3000 Raffle Road. Stop by our booth and say hello or sign up to run or walk; we are certain you’ll feel gratified!

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