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Love Your Heart

Even when you don’t think about it your heart is working around the clock for you. Your heart pumps blood and oxygen to all of your organs which makes it one of the most important muscles in your body.

If you don’t care for your heart you can develop serious health problems such as plaque formation which can lead to a heart attack or blockage of blood flow in the arteries. You can also elevate your cholesterol levels, experience high blood pressure or increase your risk for heart disease.

There are many steps you can take to care for your heart:

1. Eat Healthy: Fill your plate with lean meats, vegetables, fruits, dairy, beans and whole grains.

2. Get Moving: Talk to your doctor about the recommended exercise prescription for you.

3. Watch Your Weight: Even a small amount of weight loss can improve your blood pressure.

4. Manage Stress: Stress can raise your blood pressure so make sure to find time to unwind.

5. Avoid Tobacco Smoke

6. Limit Your Alcohol Intake

7. Eat Less Sodium

8. Go for Regular Check Ups: At least once a year get a physical to ensure you haven’t developed any conditions that would put you at risk for heart disease.

The experienced team at Fitness 120 is here to help you take the first steps to strengthening your heart so you can live a happy and healthy life! Set up a free fitness assessment so we can discuss how to get you moving, minimize your daily stress and improve your nutritional intake. Your heart will thank you!

Happy Heart Health Month!

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