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When is the best time of day to work out?

Some people recommend working out first thing in the morning because you are less likely to have scheduling conflicts and excuses thus you are more likely to exercise regularly. Morning exercisers swear their morning routine leaves the feeling more energized and productive all day long.

However, not all of us are morning people! Research shows people tend to perform best at exercise – especially interval or high intensity exercise – later in the day.

Studies show strength and flexibility are greatest later in the afternoon and the perceived exertion (or how hard you feel you are working) is lowest in the afternoon. This is the perfect combination of an ideal time to exercise.

While late afternoon may be an ideal exercise time based on the way our body reacts this doesn’t mean you will perform at a subpar level any other time of the day. By exercising consistently, you will feel better and look better.

All in all, the best time to work out is whenever you can and will. If you vary your exercise time throughout the week you may want to track your progress. That way, you will know when your body clock may be to blame for a less than optimal workout or when you hit that personal record!

At Fitness 120 we are open 24/7 to accommodate everyone’s needs and schedules. If you need help setting up your plan contact us to set up your free personal training session with one of our certified and experienced trainers.

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