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Grater Happiness Can Be Found in Unexpected Ways

We all want to be happier, feel fulfilled and find peace. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to figure out what steps to take to head into the direction of contentment. A big part of self-care is taking daily steps to be joyful.

Research shows attaining happiness is a personal path. Things that make one person happy may not necessarily work for another but there are steps you can take each day that can help everyone.

1. Learn something new. Mastering a new skill can be stressful at first but will provide happiness later.

2. Make new friends and acquaintances. Social relationships can help give you a sense of community and support.

3. Embrace opposing feelings and figure out how to manage stress and work through difficult issues that arise. Getting through challenging times promotes self-confidence and resilience which ultimately leads to happiness.

4. Say either “heck yea” or “no”. Overworked and overburdened is a recipe for unhappiness. So, if you want to be happy and you can’t immediately say “heck yea” to their offer - get some quick wins by saying “no”.

5. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Utilize visualization techniques to act out scenarios so you feel prepared for whatever may come your way. You can never be fully ready for everything but visualization will help you feel happier.

6. Give up your favorite things. Research shows denying yourself something makes you appreciate the things you take for granted.

If happiness seems elusive take comfort that if you follow steps to promote happiness you are sure to win. Celebrate what you're good at and appreciate that we all bring unique characteristics to the table.

The team at Fitness 120 is ready to help you along your path to happiness.

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